I was quite high and wearing a silly hat when I took this at my parents house in NY ☺️

yeah hi idk..

it’s always nice to feel cute πŸ‘Œ love this Charlotte Russe dress I picked up for $5 in the fall.. stoked on dress season fer sure.

I think he’s starting to hate me 😹

saturday night


fuckin Monday. I need a new job I am sick of this shit πŸ’© & whatsup to my thunder thighs makin their presence known.

yay new @madtreebrewing hoodie.

this assbag

smoke breaks πŸ‘Œ

hot damn what a little tolerance break can do for youΒ 

way past my bedtime πŸ‘Ž

liking this new beanie from @nw kd ! #snowdayselfie I needed a break from my computer πŸ‘Ž